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Feline Asthma Information

Feline Asthma Yahoo Group

Max's House - Inhalation Therapy for Airway Disease

Max's House -Feline Asthma and Bronchitis

Nancy Johnson's Feline Asthma Page

Doctors Foster and Smith's Pet Education Page: Feline Asthma

Best Friends Feline Asthma Info

Vet Info - A Veterinary Information Service: Asthma in Cats

Pet Health Library Feline Asthma

KittenCare.com: Asthma, Coughing & Lung Problems

Pharmacological Validation of a Feline Model of Steroid-Induced Ocular Hypertension

Related Information

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EPA on Dust Mites

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Are we Overvaccinating Our Pets?

The Original Internet Guide to Feline Diabetes

Harry's Blood Glucose Testing in Diabetic Pets

Feline CRF Support Forum

Caring for CRF Felines Yahoo Group

Feline CRF Information Centre

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program

Coping with the Loss of a Pet Book

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Bereavement: Dealing with the Death of a Pet

Feline Asthma Expert Information
Dr. Philip Padrid's OptiChamber & AeroChamber Flovent Protocol

Dr. Philip Padrid's Aerokat Flovent Protocol(pdf)

Dr. Philip Padrid's Albuterol Protocol

Dr. Philip Padrid's Optichamber & Spacer Information

Dr. Philip Padrid's Articles

World Small Animal Veterinary Association 30th World Congress
Dyspnea in the Cat--An Update

Thoracic Radiography: The Coughing and Dyspneic Cat; the Dog with Cardiopulmonary Disease

Assessment and Stabilisation of Dyspnoeic Animals

Feline Asthma

Medication Information
Doctors Foster and Smith's Pet Education Page: Drug Information


Marvistavet on Prednisone

Doctors Foster and Smith's Pet Education Page: Glucocorticosteroids

Locate A Vet
American Association of Feline Practitioners

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

American College of Veterinary Practitioners

 Online Pharmacies
You can get a prescription from your vet and send it to the company They'll keep the prescription on file and you can reorder any time.

RX Drugs



Kiwi Drugs

Direct Link to Flovent on Kiwi Drugs

InHouse Pharmacy

Direct Link to Flovent on InHouse Pharmacy

Maple Leaf Meds




RX Canada


Smart Choice Pharmacy

The Canadian Drugstore

Universal Drugstore

Anesthesia Information
Doctors Foster and Smith's: How Anesthetic Gases Work in Animals

Doctors Foster and Smith's: Types of Anesthetics - Sedatives, Tranquilizers for Animals

Product Information
Allergy Supply: A retailer selling items used to treat asthma and allergies

OptiChamber made by Respironics

Aerokat®: Feline Aerosol Chamber

BreathEazy: distributor for AeroKat in the UK

Air Cleaners - Comparisons, Ratings, Reviews

Air Cleaners rated by the "Clean Air Delivery Rate"

Environmental Home Center, Natural Household Supplies

Home Environment: Earth Friendly & Natural Products

The Queen of Clean: Natural Cleaning Product Ideas

Green Cleaning Kit

Green Spring Cleaning

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Each cat is an individual and what works for one may not work for another. Please do not undertake any treatment regimen without the assistance of a veterinarian.